Beer Club October 18th!

Hey guys! Oliver and I are hosting Beer Club next Friday October 18th. Here’s the gist of it:

Beer Club flyer

You’re missing out if you don’t come

There will be a 3ish ounce blind taste test of 10 beers. It’s a game and you get points for guessing them right. There’s also trivia where you can get points as well. The 10 beers are paired with a 5-course dinner featuring food from the Buffalo Wing Factory. After the dinner you get a choice of any of the 10 beers for your full beer and if you’re a top point winner a choice of prizes. We have beers from Great Lakes, Stone, Shipyard, Left Hand, 3 Brothers and more (just look at all the bottle caps on the awesome flyer).

There is limited seating. Please RSVP here:

or you can email

You’re going to miss out if you’re in the area and not coming. This is your chance to meet Oliver and I and if we’re lucky, another one of my favorite bloggers!

3 thoughts on “Beer Club October 18th!

    • I’m hoping I get the thumbs up to do them there every month from now on (hint: people can contact BWF and request for me to host!). Once that relationship is established, I can get an extended calendar out and you can make some plans to come visit.

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