Officially a Cicerone Certified Beer Server!

Hey everyone — I have exciting news! I’m officially a Cicerone Certified Beer Server!

Cicerone Certification

It’s true!

I have lots to say about the exam which I’ll package up in another more extensive post. But for now I’m going to relish in this accomplishment and cross off another item on My Impossible List. Cheers!

15 thoughts on “Officially a Cicerone Certified Beer Server!

    • I’ll have a full recap next week but overall it was a good test of knowledge. I couldn’t have passed without studying but probably could have studied less. There’s no way I would have passed it, or even attempted it, a year ago before starting this blog and meeting all my new beer friends. Really glad I had the social accountability to do it and I finally said screw it and just took the exam.

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