Introducing the April Dirty Thirty Project with Big Brew Nation


#AprilDirty30 Join us all month long!

There’s some big news in the craft beer blog world today. Jordan Carlock and Evan Tindle from Big Brew Nation are pairing up with me and Short On Beer for a collaborative project this April we’re calling the April Dirty Thirty.

Starting Monday, April 1st and for the 29 days after that our two blogs will review one beer a day. I’ve never claimed to be a beer expert (see #2 in this post) but hopefully this exercise can help grow my palate and give you all some new knowledge on beers you may not have had before.

The month of April will be a marathon. I’m sure we’ll learn much along the way. Be on the lookout for special video posts during the month and other surprises!

However there’s a catch to all this. We need you to participate! You might already post what you drink on a nightly basis via Twitter, Utappd, etc. So all we need you to do it add #AprilDirty30 to your status. Just one a night. One tweet. You probably have 4,836 in the past year. Let us know what you’re drinking, what you think we should try next or any other thought you have regarding the #AprilDirty30 project.

Who’s ready? Guess it’s time to head to the store and stock-up for the month!

6 thoughts on “Introducing the April Dirty Thirty Project with Big Brew Nation

    • Ah! Thanks for calling me out, Bryan. I completely forgot to give the backstory.

      Me and my buddy used to work at a restaurant/bar that had 30 beers on tap. When we turned 21 we decided we were going to spend a long weekend sampling all 30 beers since we hadn’t had most of them (note: this blog does not promote or approve of binge drinking). We called it the Dirty Thirty.

      When I was asking around what we should call the project he suggested April Dirty Thirty. One other thing I’d like to accomplish this month in the spirit of the original Dirty Thirty is that each beer I review will be one I’ve never had or haven’t had the past few years (since before my affinity towards craft beer started).

      Hope you can take part a few nights this month!

      • Ahh. A great idea! Always fun to throw some nostalgia into it, too. I like how it’s come full circle.

        Will you guys offer up some of the brews (list or otherwise) beforehand so you’re able to “drink together,” so to speak? You certainly don’t have to twist my arm to try new beers!

        • Nice idea about sending out the list. Haven’t really thought of that yet! Big Brew Nation and I are going to do the first few separately. I’m sure throughout the month we’ll plan out a schedule. We’re in different states, I’m in Virginia and they’re in Kentucky, so we won’t have access to the same local beers.

          I’ll be headed out to the store tomorrow to stock up and will publish this week’s list.

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