TWIB: Unexpected Encounters in Line for the Men’s Room

This Week in Beer (TWIB) is a feature where I’ll highlight some craft beers I had during this past week mixed with some related (and unrelated) thoughts. Yes, it’s a play on the name of the show This Week in Baseball which I grew up on and loved.

I’m ignoring the Super Bowl. My dog is named Peyton. Needless-to-say, yesterday was far from fun save the teasers for 24. Saturday on the other hand had one of the biggest, most surprising unexpected encounters of my life. Imagine the movie Crash taking place in line for a men’s room at a brewery.

Halfway to Philly

My wife and I have some friends in Philadelphia. Philly is 3-3.5 hours away from where we live so we have a hard time seeing them a lot. One of the ladies had the brilliant idea to meet halfway – Baltimore. It’s about a 2-hour drive for them and 1.5 for us. Perfect!

After making our way through some questionable downtown areas we turn up at one of our favorite spots – Woodberry Kitchen. Woodberry Kitchen is where I first heard of Union Craft Brewing last year. With a solid brunch consisting of Buttermilk Fried Pork Skirt and a Sly Fox Pale Ale in me we walked over to Union Craft Brewing which is less than a hundred yards away.

Union Craft Brewing

We get to Union Craft and it is packed. I’m able to sneak close enough to the bar to grab four beers for our group. Their Rye IPA is out-of-this-world good. Even better than their Duckpin Pale Ale.

My day would have been complete right then. I could have packed up, gone home and been content writing a post highlighting Woodberry Kitchen’s food and Union Craft’s beers. But that’s probably not why you clicked on the headline and there’s a much cooler twist fate brought to this day.


Conversations with Beer Bloggers is changing my life in ways never imaginable. I’ve only had seven published episodes and it’s already lead me to two different in-person meetups where I’ve had the time of my life (event #1, event #2).

The eighth episode of CBB has already been recorded and is waiting for me to find a free afternoon to edit. This is with Jake Scholan of Before recording our episode I knew nothing of what Jake looked like except his Twitter icon of him drinking a beer that covers most of his face. Zero knowledge. So last week we had our interview over Google Hangouts, which I can’t wait to share with you guys, and I finally got to see and meet him. We hit it off and even talked about trying to get together for a beer at some point since he’s relatively local.

Cue fate.

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April Dirty Thirty Day 9 – DC Brau and Union Craft Brewing Yonder Cities

Yesterday was a whirlwind where I unexpected ended up at Mad Fox Brewing Company for a semi-private tour with the owner and the G.R.I.S.T. homebrewing club. Needless to say, getting this review up was not at the top of list of things to do after being out of the house for almost 20 hours. My previous review schedule is now going to shift but it was well worth it. So yesterday’s April Dirty Thirty review was on…

DC Brau and Union Craft Brewing Yonder Cities

DC Brau and Union Craft Brewing Yonder Cities

DC Brau and Union Craft Brewing Yonder Cities Farmhouse IPA

Critical Information:

  • 6.7% ABV
  • Limited Release

My Experience:


It was poured off tap at Rustico into a tulip glass. It has an opaque yellow color with limited carbonation and a white foam head.


It gave off an aroma of bananas, cloves and spices mixed with an explosion of hops.


In a word, wonderful. It was hoppy but not over-powerful. It has a rich, spice kick to it. The bananas eventually work their way in. It has a good, light weight to it. The flavors stick around and you don’t want them to go away.


So far each beer I’ve had in this project I’ve drank alone with no pairing — either in the afternoon before dinner or late in the evening well past dinner. Last night I didn’t want to starve so I ordered a basket of thick cut fries with truffled Parmesan. Not a bad combo. I was going to take a picture but when I thought about it I realized most of the basket was gone and you would have just seen an empty, metal tin.


Yonder Cities is dangerous. It’s dangerous because I could easily down quite a few of them and at 6.7% ABV this is not a session beer. Being off tap probably helps but I still really enjoyed this beer.

Score: 8/10

Congratulations for being a part of the April Dirty Thirty project. Keep the tweets and comments coming, you’re doing fantastic! Remember to use #AprilDirty30. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this beer, what you had tonight, what you’ve tried recently, anything.

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