Conversations with Beer Bloggers Ep. 4 – Nick McCormac of Drink. Blog. Repeat.

Meet Nick McCormac from Drink. Blog. Repeat. in episode four of Conversations with Beer Bloggers. Find out about the future of South Carolina beer and what’s inside Nick’s beer fridge.

“…it’s beer or cats more or less.”

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Introducing Greenville Brew Tours

If you’re interested in South Carolina beer, small business or craft beer in general, this video is for you. Watch as I interview Andy Moller of Greenville Brew Tours, a new craft beer small business in Greenville, South Carolina.

“…to be able to sample some of the best beer they’ve ever had.”

Greenville Brew Tours opens up this Saturday. Good luck, Andy!

A question I took away from this was, “do I have what it takes to start a small business in the craft beer market?” I think I know the answer. Do you have aspirations of starting your own beer-related business? What business would you start if you could?