Beer Mission #2

What is a Beer Mission?

A Beer Mission is something you can do when maybe beer gets a little boring. Yes, I said it! BORING! Beer will never be boring when it comes to taste. But besides the taste of beer there is something equally as important…the experience. The experience can get boring. You cannot drink the same beer(s) every night from your couch. You have to mix it up! That’s where Beer Missions come in.

Beer Missions will make you go out (sometimes you’ll stay in) and explore different aspects of the experience associated with beer.

Finally, my first Stone Enjoy By IPA!

What’s in the glass? Are you ready for Beer Mission #2?

Beer Mission #2

Drink an entire beer without knowing what it is

Your first Beer Mission was easy. Let’s take it to another level. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to drink an entire beer without knowing what it is.

How? That’s up to you. Ask the bartender to surprise you (just don’t look when he/she pours it!). Have a friend pour you a mystery beer from your stocked fridge. Use your imagination. The only rule is to drink the entire beer without knowing it. Embrace the mystery. If you must know what it is, ask after you finish it or play a guessing game. Maybe you don’t want to ever know and let it remain a mystery… It’s up to you!

Upon completion of your mission

To participate in Beer Mission #2 you have to do two things. First, report back your experience, right here in the comments section at the bottom of this post or on the follow-up post about my experience.

Second, share this with someone else! Tweet it, email it, print it out and hand it someone. The more people that do Beer Missions the more fun it will be for all.

So what are you waiting for? Go drink a mystery beer!

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