Beer Mission #2: Mission Accomplished

Welcome back for the second installment of Beer Missions!  A Beer Mission is something you can do when beer maybe gets a little boring. It’s something you can do shake things up and give you new experiences. Your first mission was to give a friend a beer they’ve never had before. That was just a warmup. I decided to go next level for Beer Mission #2.

Beer Mission #2: Drink an entire beer without knowing what it is

Many people accepted this mission, me included of course.

Beer Mission #2

Beer Mission #2: Drink an entire beer without knowing what it is

I went with my friends Jeff and Ben up to one of my usual spots, the Buffalo Wing Factory. Jeff picked out a beer for me and told the bartender what I was trying to do. I should have known something was up when my 16oz pint glass wasn’t filled entirely to the top (hint: it was poured from a bottle which I never do at BWF because they have 30 taps!). This set me up perfectly for a fun bar bet. I was bet that I couldn’t guess what the beer is. I gladly accepted and knew with three attempts I could nail it.

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