TWIB: Slamming Hops and Red Bullies

Well hello, there! I haven’t done a TWIB for a while. Today it felt right to talk about a couple hot topics, which is exactly what TWIBs are for. TWIB, in case you’ve forgotten, stands for This Week in Beer. It’s my play on words from This Week in Baseball. There are two topics I want to focus on this week – Bell’s Hopslam release and Old Ox’s legal battle against Red Bull.

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Beer Mission #1: Mission Accomplished

Last Friday began the first of hopefully many Beer Missions.  A Beer Mission is something you can do when beer maybe gets a little boring. It’s something you can do shake things up and give you new experiences. Your first mission was to give a friend a beer they’ve never had before.

Beer Mission #1: Give a friend a beer they have never drank before

Many people accepted this mission, me included of course.

You can never know for certain how something will turn out now matter how you plan it. Despite knowing this I still crafted this whole plan on how I was going to complete Beer Mission #1. I was going to bring X beer over to X friend and he’d have X reaction. Yeah, that didn’t happen.

Completing my first Beer Mission

Completing Beer Mission #1 with Bell’s Hopslam

Friday night on a whim I met some friends/old co-workers up at TJ Stones, a bar around the corner from where I used to work. My buddy Scott was standing there empty-handed when I walked in. Scott is into craft beer, he homebrews and has high aspirations of one day making it in the industry. Scott has no beer + Scott likes good beer = I should knock out Beer Mission #1 right now!

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Steal the Pint at BWF this Friday with Fat Cat Beer Company

BWF Logo

Steal the Pint this Friday February 21st

Have you ever been out drinking a beer at your favorite spot and thought, I’d really like to take home this glass? Either one of two things happened. Option 1: You pulled a Winona Ryder and took the glass blatantly disregarding social etiquette and screwing over your watering hole because glasses aren’t cheap. Option 2: You left the glass because you were civilized and continued to dream about adding to your fledging collection.

Well the Buffalo Wing Factory is giving YOU the chance to put on your klepto shoes this Friday without any of the unfortunate consequences that go along with theft. How? Simple. Come to the Chantilly BWF this Friday and order a beer by Fat Cat Beer Company and you get to take home a custom pint glass.

Fat Cat will be serving all five of their beers. Their IPA will be $6 in 16oz cans and the other four beers will be $4. Glasses and beer are limited though so make sure you show up early. The event runs from 7:00-10:00pm at the bar only.

Hold on, I have one more surprise for you. I can’t promise anything but at the time of this posting, all BWF locations still have a few remaining bottles of Hopslam. Get them while they last!

Lastly, there are 30+ other beers to choose from including Sweet Baby Jesus and a bunch of other local VA, MD and DC beers.

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