Beer Mission #4

Thank you Oliver Gray for the most perfect picture to represent Beer Missions!

Welcome back to Beer Missions! A Beer Mission is something you can do when beer maybe gets a little boring. Yes, I said it! BORING! Beer will never be boring when it comes to taste. But besides the taste of beer there is something equally as important…the experience. The experience can get boring. You cannot drink the same beer(s) every night from the comfort of your couch. You have to mix it up! That’s where Beer Missions come in.


Beer Mission #4

Beer Missions will make you go out (sometimes you’ll stay in) and explore different experiences you can have with beer.

Here’s your next Beer Mission:

Talk to a stranger about beer.

Talk about anything. “What beer do you have?” “Did you know [insert fact about beer or beer style]?” Who knows what will come of this.

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