Beer Mission #3

Make sure to read to the end of this post for an important message about the future of Beer Missions!

Just realized this is my 100th blog post! Knocked another one off My Impossible List!

What is a Beer Mission?

A Beer Mission is something you can do when maybe beer gets a little boring. Yes, I said it! BORING! Beer will never be boring when it comes to taste. But besides the taste of beer there is something equally as important…the experience. The experience can get boring. You cannot drink the same beer(s) every night from your couch. You have to mix it up! That’s where Beer Missions come in.

Beer Missions will make you go out (sometimes you’ll stay in) and explore different aspects of the experience associated with beer.

animal on coast

This picture has nothing to do with Beer Mission #3. I just really liked it while looking through stock photos.
Photo Credit: Elias Carlsson

Beer Mission #3

I’m not sure which I’m worse at – drawing or singing. I want our next Beer Mission to include one of these to push my comfort zone. Here’s your next Beer Mission:

Draw a short comic of how you will or want to enjoy your next beer.

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