April Dirty Thirty Day 4 – Yards Brewing IPA

Today’s April Dirty Thirty review is on…

Yards Brewing IPA

Yards Brewing IPA

Yards Brewing IPA

Critical Information:

  • 7% ABV
  • Available Year-round

My Experience:


Poured from bottle into tulip glass (again, can someone confirm that’s what it is from the picture? I’m terrible with my glass types). Good ¾”-1” white head. There were lots of bubbles lasting for several minutes served at 55 or so degrees.


It has a hoppy, floral aroma. I even get some citrus and apples mixed in. First hoppy beer I’ve had in a while so my nostrils are curious.


Light at first sip and then it attacks the palate with a crisp apple-hop flavor. It has a spiciness that lingers for some time before eventually dissipating.


It has a light, dense texture and leaves your month with a tingling coating like after drinking dry white wine.


911 Buffalo Bites from the Buffalo Wing Factory. The spiciness of the food will be complimented by the hoppiness of the beer.


Good beer. This IPA wasn’t overpowering as some IPAs can be.  I enjoyed the crisp, rich flavors. I’m a tough grader but the score below doesn’t mean I wouldn’t get it again.

Score: 5/10

Glad you’ve stuck with me this far into the April Dirty Thirty project. Keep the tweets and comments up guys, you’re doing outstanding! Remember to use #AprilDirty30. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this beer, what you had tonight, what you’ve tried recently, fantasy baseball, quantum physics, etc.

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Homebrewing, it’s for people who can’t cook

I can’t cook. Like I really can’t cook. I tried grilling a chicken breast a few weeks ago when my wife was coming home from work late. You know what she came home to? A house full of smoke, dog barking at the blaring smoke detector and me yelling at a pan full of burnt chicken. So why the hell would I think I could brew beer? Must be the hardheadedness I get from my dad.

I had a free weekday, no work and no wife, and saw the homebrewing kit I’ve had for months starring at me. I popped the DVD in and watched the poorly made and poorly instructed training. Went out to the store to get a thermometer and decided to give it a shot. 48 or so Irish Stouts on their way!

Here’s my adventure:

The Setup

Homebrew Setup

Homebrew Setup

After having to do a load of dishes to empty the sink, I sanitized my pot and various equipment using the Easy Clean provided in the kit. I placed everything I could think of out on my island and surrounding countertops. I read and reread my notes and warned a friend who just started homebrewing that I’ll probably be frantically calling him over the next couple hours.

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Short Notes: Tasting Beer Chapter Two

Cover of "Tasting Beer: An Insider's Guid...

Tasting Beer by Randy Mosher

Here are the main points I took from Chapter Two of Randy Mosher’s Tasting Beer: An Insider’s Guide to the World’s Greatest Drink.

Chapter Two – Sensory Evaluation

  • Your tongue is covered in small bumps called papillae where taste buds are embedded
  • Humans can taste six basic flavors – sweet, sour, salty, bitter, umami and fat
  • Try to associate the aroma of a beer with memories
  • Diacetyl, a by-product of fermentation, can make beer taste buttery
  • DMS is a sulfur compound in pale beer that can cause off-flavors of corn
  • The matrix effect is when flavors play off each other to create new flavors
  • Masking is when one chemical hides the flavor of another, i.e. carbonation masking hops
  • Protentiation is when one chemical enhances the flavor of another

Give this book a read if you enjoyed the points above. There’s a lot I did not include. Be on the lookout for chapter three coming soon!

Have you read any good beer books recently?