I don’t know what craft beer is

Path in woods

The start of my journey

What is craft beer? At this point, I’m not really sure. Yeah, I know how the dictionary or brewers or a cicerone would define it. But it means something else to me.

Craft beer to me is more like the hidden end of a path in the woods. I don’t know where it leads but believe that if I’m willing to take it, it’ll lead me to some sense of freedom and liberation from the daily rat race.

Escaping the daily rat race is for another post or even another blog (check out The Altucher Confidential for that!). This website will be dedicated to documenting my journey from a novice in craft beer and homebrewing to, well, who knows.

Here’s where I’m at:

  1. My knowledge of the craft beer industry is minimal.
  2. My knowledge of tasting beer is awful. I’ll be at a tasting event and what I taste is completely different from everyone else there (that includes all 956 ratings on BeerAdvocate too).
  3. I’m scared to homebrew. I’ve had a homebrew kit for almost a year and it’s barely left its box.

So I guess this is step one. I haven’t learned anything but I’ve put myself out there, which is more than most can say.