TWIB – Homebrews, Hefeweizens and Time Travel

This Week in Beer (TWIB) is a feature where I’ll highlight some craft beers I had during this past week mixed with some related (and unrelated) thoughts. Yes, it’s a play on the name of the show This Week in Baseball which I grew up on and loved.

This week in beer was a homebrew and entertainment filled one. Had a friend’s homebrew, tried my newest homebrew for the first time and went to the ballpark.

Boeser Brau’s American Pilsner Homebrew

Even though I’m a homebrewer (yes, a new homebrewer but regardless) I haven’t had many other people’s homebrews outside of my own. He put mine to shame! I absolutely loved everything about this beer. From the golden, yellow color to the crisp Pilsner taste, keep up the great work, Scott!

21st Amendment Bitter American

There’s a new movie theater by me called the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema where they serve you dinner, beer, popcorn, etc. at your seat (pretty cool, right?). So my wife and I went to check it out on Friday and saw Gatsby. We got their carnivore pizza which I’ll rate a 9 out of 10, their chips with queso dip which I’ll give a 6 out of 10 and their popcorn — usual awesome theater popcorn. I also ordered a 21st Amendment Bitter American. I’ve had this before and it’s one of my go-to beers. It’s light, flavorful, low in alcohol at 4.4% and has some badass artwork like all the 21st Amendment cans. The theater itself serves many local beers — Starr Hill, Lost Rhino, Williamsburg Alewerks, DC Brau and more. It also has a bar inside called Glass Half Full Taproom. We poked out heads in and it looks cozy. Full bar with beer reasonably priced.

One more thing! This is in the new One Loudoun development and it looks like a Bar Louie going in soon. I’ve been to the one downtown and I can’t wait for one to be here.

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April Dirty Thirty Day 13 – 21st Amendment Sneak Attack

The weekend got me a little sidetracked but I still had one new craft beer a night and reviewed it (just didn’t get around to posting it).

Saturday’s April Dirty Thirty beer was…

21st Amendment Sneak Attack

21st Amendment Sneak Attack (don’t get confused by the Starr Hill glass)

21st Amendment Sneak Attack

Critical Information:

  • 6.2% ABV
  • Farmhouse Saison

My Experience:


Poured from can (with badass artwork like all 21st Amendment cans) into false pint glass (at least I think that’s what it’s called). Very transparent, pale straw color with minimal head.


Fruity, strawberry with some spicy hop aroma.


Light and fruity. Definitely has a kick of spiciness to it. That’s about all thought I put into it as I was being summoned for an impromptu foosball series just after opening it. However, it was pretty delightful.


Strawberry and jalapeño salad. I had this once at Clyde’s and keep thinking about this salad while drinking it.
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April Dirty Thirty Schedule 4/8 – 4/13

Here is what’s on tap this week for the April Dirty Thirty project:

Monday 4/8 – Laughing Dog Brewing IPA

Tuesday 4/9 Long Trail Pollenator

Wednesday 4/10 – Shipyard Export

Thursday 4/11 – 21st Amendment Sneak Attack

Friday 4/12 – DuClaw Euforia

Saturday 4/13 – Bell’s Oberon

One new beer a night. Review it. Share it. All April long. Grow your beer knowledge!