The Root Beer Beer Thing

The Root Beer Beer Thing

This weekend I had Small Town Brewery’s Not Your Father’s Root Beer, or as I like to call it: The Root Beer Beer Thing. It was…different.

Quick Info:

  • Brewery – Small Town Brewery
  • Beer – Not Your Father’s Root Beer
  • ABV – 5.9%
  • Style – Herbed / Spiced Beer
  • BA Rating – 87%
  • Untappd Rating – 4.19
  • Where Did I Have It – Brazwell’s in Charlotte, NC

I was in Charlotte, NC this weekend out at a bar named Brazwell’s (I recommend!). I was in the middle of a NoDa Hop Drop when I heard the bartender mention the “root beer beer.” I knew exactly what she was talking about since Twitter has been abuzz about it recently. I knew I had to try it. So I did.

I liked it. A lot. It tasted like a good but slightly flat root beer. Better than Mug or Barq’s or any of those. Mine was the 5.9% one. Apparently there is a 10.7% one as well.

The beer is sweet. Sweet like soda, not sweet like some ciders. It’s almost black, appearing just like root beer sans ice and much less bubbles.

Have you had it yet? What do you think?

Have you had it yet? What do you think?

Pretty much everyone I was with tried it (maybe 8 out of 10 people?). Every single one liked the taste and said they could drink 15 of them. I was on that boat too until I finished mine. I really don’t see how you can have more than two of them before wanting to move on to something else.

I will drink this again. And I know I will like it. However this, to me, is NOT a beer. Yes it’s from a brewery. It comes in a glass bottle. It says beer on the label. But it is much more of a specialty beverage akin to Zima, Jones Soda and Cran-Brrr-Ritas.

Try it out for yourself and let me know what you think in the comments!

8 thoughts on “The Root Beer Beer Thing

  1. I thought it was pretty bad, tasted like Barq’s and cheap rum. I also think that Jones Soda is way too sweet and syrupy, there are some awesome craft root beers out there that are better. That being said, people like what they like and clearly there’s a market for this, but to me it tasted like any cooler on the market. Too sweet to drink, but capitalizing on America’s love of over sugared sweet things (some of which I still love too).

    • I apparently need to have more (non-alcoholic) craft root beer. Your point about America’s love of sugar is very valid. My sugar consumption is way down compared to recent years which probably played a role in why I liked it so much since I haven’t had sweet stuff like that in so long.

    • I haven’t sought it out near me in Virginia so I have no idea if 1) it’s available and 2) if it’s flying off the shelves. I will say that the bar I was at had JUST got it in that day. It wasn’t advertised on menus or chalkboards or anything. Maybe places are stashing some for their regulars…

  2. It has a great root beer flavor but I do find it a bit too cloying in sweetness…and that is with my sweet tooth. Given this, for me it is best in an 8 oz. dessert-like serving. It’s akin to ordering the “Death By Chocolate” cake. Finishing every last bite of the cake leaves you feeling nauseous.

    In the Hudson Valley of NY, someone that works for the local distributor of the root beer says he has never seen such a market reaction to a product in his over 25 years of experience. My gut feels it has high flame-out potential.

    I’ve heard that there is also a 19% ABV version out there.

    • If a 19% version hits the shelves there will be riots. Holy cow.

      I do think there is flame-out potential but I feel like this “beer” isn’t even close to that point. There is a *ton* of growth left for it IMO.

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