Before we get started – huge shout out to my buddy Bryan who published a post earlier this week about the costs and insight into barrel-aged beers. This is a fantastic read. If you are to read my post or his, read his. In fact if you haven’t read it yet go read his right now and come back to mine.

Here we go. Ugh. I hate this type of post. But it’s necessary. I don’t nearly hate this type of post as much as the posts where someone says, “my site has ran it’s course and it’s over, I’m leaving you and all the time you invested in me was for nothing.” Those are the worst. This is not that type of post.

This type of post is the one where someone says, “my blog is morphing into…yada yada yada.” That’s kind of what this post is. Kind of.

If you couldn’t tell from my lengthy [insert sarcasm here] About Me page, this site is about my journey into and through the craft beer world. Back in 2013 I envisioned myself, like I believe most of us do, doing “it.” And by “it” I mean quitting the industry we are in and doing passionate work in the beer world. I was using this site as a platform to document my journey. By all accounts I’ve had a pretty darn successful one so far.

As the weeks became months and the seasons shifted over and over it became apparent that I actually didn’t want beer to become the thing that pays my mortgage. I wanted beer to become my escape and I didn’t want to live in my escape. Where would I go to escape my escape? My solution was to adjust my regular life so I wouldn’t need the escape so much or dream of living the escape as often.

Since making this realization it’s eased the need to make beer (learning about beer, networking in the industry, racking my brain on how to make money through beer, etc.) such a huge part of my life. I instead turned my focus on becoming better at what I already am doing and enjoy doing – video editing and teaching about video editing.

Yo, if you need some video work done I’m your guy.

I could have never of had any success with that endeavor without this website and everything I’ve learned through it. Figuring out how to setup a WordPress site, Conversations to Beer Bloggers, networking with strangers, going wayyyyy outside of my comfort zone, … those things were all absolutely needed for me to have 1/10 of the success I’ve had over there. This is why this website can never go away – I need it.

That’s where this whole “morph” thing comes in. Since the beer industry no longer has to pay my non-existent child’s college tuition I won’t necessarily be focusing this site on my journey into the industry anymore. There is still a lot about beer I want to write about and there’s more about my life outside of beer that I want to be able to share here.

On the flip side, I don’t think my journey into beer has ended either though. I do see a future for myself in beer. What that is, I have no clue. I feel like before I was walking down a path of some sort through the woods (something I would probably never do in reality) and whether or not if it was the correct one I have no idea. Now I’m kinda just walking through the woods on no path and in no particular direction. And I’m good with that. It’s quite liberating. That makes me a lot happier with beer than I have been for a while. There’s zero pressure.

This site is still about beer…mostly. I don’t know how it’ll transform in the coming months and years. I do know I’ll be posting more than I have been (I’m shooting for weekly) and posting about things that might not be 100% beer-related all the time. I’d love for you to stick around for the ride.

What do you think? Am I nuts? Have I reached a point of enlightenment? Have I just given up and I’m a quitter? Let me know in the comments

Photo courtesy of Unsplash by Wil Stewart.  

4 thoughts on “Morphing

  1. Looking forward to what you bring to the blog in the future. When I see a post from “Short on Beer” pop up in Feedly, I make sure to open it in a new tab to read right away, instead of squirreling the post away to my Pocket….glad you plan on continuing!

    • Thanks, Ryan. That means a lot. I don’t really think anything will change here besides me posting more often (which is a good thing, right?). I think this post was more about me giving permission to myself to not feel bad about veering off topic.

  2. Ah yes, “that post”. I’ve always been torn. One the one hand, its probably nice to give all your followers a heads up that your site is going to be changing, on the other hand, sometimes I think “just do it”.

    When I started my site I wanted it to be about more than beer, and as these things sort of happen, he just morphed into that. However, recently I started thinking about the other stuff. I posted a review on Netflix’s Daredevil series, I have some BBQ stuff I want to write and a post on how I learned to cook the way I do. Since these won’t reflect a wholesale change in my blog, I just added a “wild card Wednesday” slot for that kind of stuff on my about page.

    As for you, I’m with Ryan. I won’t be going anywhere (unless you start blogging about boy bands in which case it’s been nice knowing you) and look forward to seeing how your blog morphs in the future.

    • Thanks man. I appreciate the empathy. I’ve been slacking on my Netflix recently but once I make it through TURN then Daredevil is next on my list.

      As far as boy bands go though I make no promises.

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