The Mount Rushmore of Beer

Trivia Question: How many people died during Mount Rushmore’s carving?

  • A) 0
  • B) 1
  • C) 8
  • D) 27
  • E) 116

Answer at the end of the post!

Hey guys. Some friends and I are each writing a post about who we’d put on our Mount Rushmore of Beer. This post is entirely about my beer idols, not the four biggest beer influencers ever for everyone. These four individuals should have their heads cast in stone in the Black Hills of South Dakota that will last probably until season three or four whatever that History Channel show is about what would happen if everyone died.

1. Garrett freaking Oliver

Me standing with Garrett Oliver

I know, I post this picture ANY and EVERY change I get.

Seriously this guy is the man. His hat has its own Twitter account. That’s like Pharrell status. I don’t fan boy over many people. This guy, Peyton Manning, Jack Bauer. That’s about it.

Mr. Oliver is the brewmaster at Brooklyn Brewery. Brooklyn Pennant Ale ’55 was one of the first craft beers that opened my eyes to all the goodness that craft beer is (more on this later on in the post). From 2009-2011 anything by Brooklyn was my go-to beer. Going to a party? I’m picking up Brooklyn Lager.

Garrett Oliver’s other passion besides brewing is pairing his beers with food. If anyone would like to buy me The Brewmaster’s Table: Discovering the Pleasures of Real Beer with Real Food, I’d greatly appreciate that.

2. Bartender in Wilmington

It was the summer of 2009 (I think). My girlfriend, now wife, and I were wondering around the Riverwalk in Wilmington, NC one evening while on vacation. We decided to grab a drink so we walked into the nearest bar.

Oh, fun fact. Did you know Wilmington has the most bars per capita in North Carolina? At least that’s what somebody told me once.

Anyway, we walk into this bar. Dark. Dingy. Not a place we usually walk into. There’s a couple of bar flies, a juke box and Golden Tee. The bartender asks us what we’re having. Behind him are fridges full of bottles. More bottles than I’ve ever seen before. I didn’t know my way around craft beer. I had just started getting into Guinness and Yuengling. He slapped down a giant leather book and said he’d be back.

The bartender had a ton of tattoos. That’s about all I remember about him. We talked for a while. I told him I didn’t know much about beer but wanted to try something new. He poured us two beers; we drank them down. He mentioned they do 6-packs to go, something I had never heard of. So he picked me out six beers, I’m sure I overpaid for them and we left. I remember there was a Brooklyn Pennant Ale ’55, a Brooklyn Lager and a local porter with a pirate ship on it. He told me about this watermelon beer that gets distributed to Virginia and if I brought him back a 6-pack he’d give me any six beers in the bar. That was of course 21st Amendment’s Hell or High Watermelon.

I finished the 6-pack over the course of the next week or two. Each beer opened my eyes in ways I never knew possible. That’s why this tattooed bartender in some dive bar is on my Mount Rushmore of Beer.

3. Sam C.

A couple years ago there wasn’t much outside of blogs and books about beer, at least from what I could find. Except Brew Masters. Brew Masters was the original Brew Dogs (and was way better). It was a show about Sam Calagione and DogFish Head. There were only six episodes of it but it was a fantastic introduction into brewery life.

Brew Masters and DogFish gave me an appreciation for brewery workers and the brewing process. And it’s Sam, guys. Is there a bigger rock star in the beer world?

4. Generic Bearded Late-20s Stylish Man Looking Up Into Tulip Glass

My beer friends are not all bearded, not all in their late 20s, not all stylish, not all men and definitely not generic. But I want to put them all together to put them up on Mount Rushmore. Without my friends beer wouldn’t be fun. At all. Bottleshares, random gifts (giving and receiving), laughs, events, … you get it. So yeah. The last person going up on my Mount Rushmore of Beer are all my beer friends.

Beer would just be cans and bottles on a table without friends. PS: This was last night and it's part of the reason I'm about 8 hours late publishing this post.

Beer would just be cans and bottles on a table without friends. PS: This was last night and it’s part of the reason I’m about 8 hours late publishing this post.

Who’s going up on your Mount Rushmore of Beer?

This post is part of multiple essays from Mid-Atlantic beer bloggers discussing who they believe should be remembered for all-time, thanks to the influence they’ve made on the beer drinking world. Additional posts will be shared below throughout the day.

Answer to the trivia question: A) 0! No one died during the carving of Mount Rushmore.

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