Breaking a beer glass, pain. (Handwritten)

Maybe a bit of Oliver is rubbing off on me but I had a really random idea. Well, it came from laziness. For some reason today I felt like handwriting a post (I usually type them like most people). Now that I wrote it on paper the thought of typing it out pains me. So this is what I’m going to do: show you the completely unedited, handwritten post.

I want everyone to know that I’m a lefty, which already puts me at a disadvantage in the handwriting category. But, for the most part, my handwriting is pretty good. Today however (not realizing I’d be showing it to the world) sitting on my couch just free writing I didn’t care how it looked. Before I chicken out, here it is…

Breaking a Beer Glass Handwritten Post 1 of 3

Page 1 of 3

Broken SAVOR Glass

My broken SAVOR glass

Breaking a Beer Glass Handwritten Post 2 of 3

Page 2 of 3

Glass Cabinet

My glass cabinet

Breaking a Beer Glass Handwritten Post 3 of 3

Page 3 of 3

So yeah, if you couldn’t read that let me know if you’d like to see a video of my glass cabinet. Also, when’s the last time you broke a glass? What happened?

Hope you enjoyed this post. I don’t think I’ll be too embarrassed from it. Go out and do something different. Make sure to check out Beer Missions too!


8 thoughts on “Breaking a beer glass, pain. (Handwritten)

  1. When faced with limited real estate for new glasses, I got rid of all my pint glasses. They really don’t do anything for the beer drinking experience anyway. Alas, my beer glass shelves are full again but I’m very content with the glasses I now have. I just hope I don’t break any of them.

    • The thought has crossed my mind. There’s probably 8 or so swag pint glasses I have. What I need to do is convince my wife to pack up her margarita glasses she hasn’t touched in forever…

    • In a similar spot regarding spots for glasses, and recently divorced with plenty of open bookshelf space from the absence of pictures of her family and knick knack crap, I put my local shaker pints on display above the TV.

      Also, more practically for more people, I invested $10 in a under the cabinet wine glass hanger for all my stemmed glasses.

  2. Would love to read / see a video about your glasses. I had a pint glass collection once (former life before marriage and kids). I know pint glasses are crap for drinking from, but they make great “swag.” But I’d enjoy hearing about different glassware and your “why?” For having them.


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