Beer Mission #4

Thank you Oliver Gray for the most perfect picture to represent Beer Missions!

Welcome back to Beer Missions! A Beer Mission is something you can do when beer maybe gets a little boring. Yes, I said it! BORING! Beer will never be boring when it comes to taste. But besides the taste of beer there is something equally as important…the experience. The experience can get boring. You cannot drink the same beer(s) every night from the comfort of your couch. You have to mix it up! That’s where Beer Missions come in.


Beer Mission #4

Beer Missions will make you go out (sometimes you’ll stay in) and explore different experiences you can have with beer.

Here’s your next Beer Mission:

Talk to a stranger about beer.

Talk about anything. “What beer do you have?” “Did you know [insert fact about beer or beer style]?” Who knows what will come of this.

People have gathered together because of beer for thousands of years. Heck, as most of you know, it’s believed agriculture started, and thus larger tribes and communities began, all because of beer! Beer brings us together. In this digital age, we are continually disconnected from real life because we are constantly connected. It’s more important than ever to have a real, in-person conversation with someone.

To participate in Beer Mission #4 you have to do two things. First, report back your experience, right here in the comments section at the bottom of this post or on the follow-up post about my experience, which I’ll publish sometime next week.

Second, share this with someone else! Tweet it, email it, print it out and hand it someone. The more people that do Beer Missions the more fun it will be for all.

So what are you waiting for? Go talk to a stranger!

If you’re just joining Beer Missions go back and try out the first three too!

Previous Beer Missions:

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8 thoughts on “Beer Mission #4

  1. Does it count if I was engaged in the act of doing this as I got the email about this post going up?

    I was at my new favorite local bar and restaurant enjoying a Victory Dirt Wolf when the patron two seats down was talking to the bar tender about another IPA to try and I jumped into the conversation and advocated for Dirt Wolf. He went with it and we ended up discussing all their other IPA options. Sadly, as usual, I forgot to tell him about the blog and give him a business card.

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  3. This is great. I love the idea of having beer missions to mix things up and help people try different stuff they may not have known they even liked. Also this mission in particular is nice because it allows you to converse with someone and learn some cool stuff.

  4. My Beer Mission #4 accomplishment took place in Paris. My wife and I came across a great little beer store on our first night there, and decided to return on our last night to buy a few local beers to take home. The store actually turns into a small bar for a few hours each night and we arrived just as things were starting to wind down.

    We picked the beers to bring back to Maryland, then ordered two others to have at the bar. That was when I noticed that one of the locals was drinking Flying Dog’s Raging Bitch, and I immediately knew this would be my Beer Mission #4 target/friend! It turned out that he and his wife spoke perfect English. She was originally from Paris, and he had moved to the city several years ago.

    We discussed beer and travel for nearly an hour and the shop owners decided to let us have another round even though they had been closed for quite a while. After shutting the bar down the other couple decided they had to show us around the city and took us to get some of their favorite late night street food. We ended the night at one of their favorite bars where we had rounds of Calvados, an apple brandy from Normandy, along with some kind of French whiskey, and a sampling of some great Belgian beers.

    That was the best night in Paris.

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