Beer Mission #2: Mission Accomplished

Welcome back for the second installment of Beer Missions!  A Beer Mission is something you can do when beer maybe gets a little boring. It’s something you can do shake things up and give you new experiences. Your first mission was to give a friend a beer they’ve never had before. That was just a warmup. I decided to go next level for Beer Mission #2.

Beer Mission #2: Drink an entire beer without knowing what it is

Many people accepted this mission, me included of course.

Beer Mission #2

Beer Mission #2: Drink an entire beer without knowing what it is

I went with my friends Jeff and Ben up to one of my usual spots, the Buffalo Wing Factory. Jeff picked out a beer for me and told the bartender what I was trying to do. I should have known something was up when my 16oz pint glass wasn’t filled entirely to the top (hint: it was poured from a bottle which I never do at BWF because they have 30 taps!). This set me up perfectly for a fun bar bet. I was bet that I couldn’t guess what the beer is. I gladly accepted and knew with three attempts I could nail it.

The beer was good. It had some texture and spice to it that I usually don’t have in the Stouts, IPAs or Pale Ales that make up the majority of beers I normally consume. Hmm, what is this beer? I tried not to think about it the entire time I was drinking. I took a glance at the tap handles and spotted DuClaw Bare Ass Blonde Ale. That was sticking in the back of my mind. My memory from Beergrimage must be starting to fade (I had thought that I had that beer for the first time on that adventure).

After finishing the beer it was time to guess. I guessed the Bare Ass Blonde. Nope, strike one. Hmm… Okay. It was wheaty, maybe it’s a Sam Adams Cold Snap? Strike two! Oh man, I don’t want to have to pay for this round! As I scoured across the tap handles I came across a hail mary — Starr Hill Northern Lights IPA. Yes, IPAs should not have much texture or wheatiness, BUT come on guys, it’s Starr Hill… (insert your own opinions about their beers here _____________________). I took a shot in the dark and completely struck out.

It was a Great Divide Orabelle Belgian Tripel. That’s something I probably would never order unless I had had everything else on the beer list before. And it was a good and sneaky 8.3% ABV beer. I lost the bet but won the day! Exciting games with friends, a new beer under my belt, another Beer Mission complete and most importantly a new experience to share and remember.

Did you complete Beer Mission #2 yet? Share your experiences below! Check out what Jake did for it. I hope you had as much fun as I did.

Look out for Beer Mission #3 later this week. Make sure to subscribe to the email list at the bottom of the page so you’re the first hear about new Beer Missions!

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