My Not Thankful List

I’ve seen a lot of the “I’m Thankful For…” lists recently. While I am thankful for many, many things and people I want to do something different: A Not Thankful List.

$7 Bud Lights

First on the list is $7 Bud Lights. I spent the past week in Las Vegas (post on it coming soon). Besides the complete lack of craft beer, if you weren’t gambling the prices for beers were outrageous. Most macro domestics were $7 or more! However they were a reasonable $5 during happy hour…

My home area of Washington, DC isn’t much better. You can find cheap beer (see the next item on the list) in many places but it’s not uncommon to see these macro domestics for $5-7 as well. Where does that leave craft beer? $8-10+. I can buy a six-pack for $10 of most “normal” craft beer packs. I am not thankful for $7 Bud Lights.

$1 Bud Lights

Second on the list are $1 Bud Lights and other ridiculously cheap “beers.” They cause over-crowding at bars and restaurants because people don’t ever leave during the special. I can’t find a barstool at 6:00pm when folks have been drinking $1 water-downed beers since happy hour started at 4:00pm. What’s even worse is that they make people stupid. I’m paraphrasing this quote because I can’t remember it exactly but, “Homebrews make people laugh while mass-produced beers make people dumb.” Such a true statement. I am not thankful for $1 Bud Lights.

Small Quantities of Great Beers

I get it → small quantity + great quality + outrageous demand = high profits. Russian River and The Alchemist make amazing beers (they have the top-3 beers on BeerAdvocate’s top-250). I’m just not thankful that they are in such small quantities that they’re so difficult to get. I am thankful for friends that get me these beers though – thanks, Dan! I am not thankful for small quantities of great beers.

Slow Internet Speed

Next on the list is slow Internet speed. Not only does this impede my Netflix-watching abilities but it messed up my Conversations with Beer Bloggers with Oliver Gray. I’m long overdue to do a re-record of it – sorry, buddy. December should bring 2+ new episodes. I am not thankful for slow Internet speed.

I Can’t Share a Beer with My Pals

Last on the list is the most important. I’ve been blogging for almost a year and have met, physically and digitally, some amazing people. You guys and gals keep this blog going. My readers keep this blog going. Thank you so much for your support. I cannot explain how grateful I am for it. Here’s to my friends. Here’s to my readers. I am not thankful I can’t share a beer with my pals.

What are you not thankful for? Cheers!

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