Beer Credits

Married readers, let’s face it – we only have so many beer credits we can earn from our spouse/significant other who may not be as obsessed over our favorite beverage. I don’t know why my wife doesn’t geek out over a $75 vertical tasting at a local brewpub but she’ll go, smile, have a great time (I hope) and let me get my craft beer fix. But the next weekend it’s usually about what she wants to do. I’ll drag my feet and whine the whole time to HomeGoods and World Market. Probably upset her and the next time I want to go to a special beer event she will, and rightly so, say no. My piggy bank of beer credits is empty.

What is a beer credit?

My dining room table

My dining room table

I remember playing mini golf at this place at the beach as a kid and earning wooden tokens for hole-in-ones that could be redeemed for credits at the arcade. Beer credits are imaginary wooden tokens that I can use on my wife in order to go on wild beery adventures. When I run out, the adventures happen at my dining room table instead (which isn’t that bad of an alternative).

Earning beer credits

Everyone’s relationships are different but the one constant is that you have to give as much as you take. Provide your significant other with opportunities to go to events or on trips based on his or her interests. The more you give the more he or she is more likely to happily join you on your events or trips. I’m still working on this and my wife is a champ for being such a good sport about everything.

I’m still trying to figure out who in this relationship has to earn the beer credits.


This weekend was a perfect example. I desperately wanted to go to Crooked Run Brewing’s grand opening. To do that, I smiled and, don’t tell my wife, had a good time at a local home design winter holiday market. In return we went to Crooked Run on the way home. I sampled all the beers and chatted with Jake, the Brewmaster and Owner. Credit earned and credit redeemed.

Outside of that though I feel like I’ve taken out a loan on beer credits recently. I guess I have some payments due soon.

Here’s to earning more beer credits. Here’s to never having a beer adventure alone. Here’s to wooden tokens at the mini golf arcade.

7 thoughts on “Beer Credits

  1. One word that is the game changer: kids. They’re a joy (most of the time), but they definitely change the rules a bit. They’re also an excellent excuse to have a drink! 😉

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