Blown Away

First things first. Congratulations to Oliver Gray for winning the North American Guild of Beer Writers Best Beer Blog award.

Second. Congratulations to all Great American Beer Fest winners — especially the Virginia breweries! Lost Rhino, Devils Backbone, Port City, Three Brothers and others have represented Virginia well.

Third. I am blown away that something I wrote was featured in a podcast hosted by someone I greatly look up to in my professional industry. To keep food on the table I’m a videographer and video editor. Besides this blog, I write for another blog about video-related topics (software, industry trends, etc.). I recently wrote an article entitled Editor: The Amateur vs. The Professional. Somehow it went pretty viral getting passed around a lot of video folks. On this week’s The Post Podcast, Kevin P McAuliffe gives me an awesome shout-out and talks about the topic in my article. If you’re interested in listening to it, it’s about 22 minutes in.

***Update 11.08.13**** The Post Podcast featured me AGAIN! Details on it are here. You can download the podcast on iTunes. I’m about 14 minutes into it. This time they featured my article “Video Editor is Not a Synonym for Motion Graphics Artist.”

My alternate persona can be found on Twitter @shortedits.


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