A Call for Innovation — Beer vs. Wine

Wine Slushie (Left)

Wine Slushie (Left)

Saturday the Mrs. and I made our way to Quattro Goomba Winery in Aldie, VA. We sampled some fantastic wines and dined on some pizza, cheese and freshly baked baguettes. This wouldn’t be anything out of the ordinary for a local winery except they have one thing that sets them apart from the competition — Frappe Vino. Frappe Vino means wine slushie.

“Made with either Goomba Red or Frascati, Frappe Vino is the perfect drink for a warm day! Enjoy it at the winery and then take home a packet of the Frappe Vino mix, along with a few bottles of Goomba wine, to make your one batch at home.”

It was delicious. But it made me think, who’s more innovative — wine or beer?

The Argument for Wine

  1. With wine I witnessed hands down the greatest alcohol smuggling technique ever.
  2. Wine continues to have newer and newer accessories such as electric openers (I have one), charms for glasses, wine sippy cups and even TSA-approved carriers. Maybe these items have been around and I never noticed but I keep seeing more of them.
  3. The wine barrel furniture trend.
  4. Not every new winery is named after an animal.

The Argument for Beer

  1. Beer uses new and different ingredients. Beer is being brewed with peppers, bacon, oysters and bull testicles.
  2. You can open a beer with your flipflop.
  3. Anyone can make beer from home.
  4. The beer cell phone charger.

Obviously I want beer to win but I need your help. Leave your responses as to why beer (or wine) is more innovative.

6 thoughts on “A Call for Innovation — Beer vs. Wine

  1. My hometown is on one of the Finger Lakes in Upstate NY, which is also wine country for the state, boasting something like 110 wineries. It’s crazy. Those slushies are everywhere and there’s actually an “ice cream” stand in my hometown that has been selling wine slushies and wine ice cream for years.

    But onto the important topic at hand…
    I imagine innovation has to do with potential for variety and beer most certainly has the larger variety of ingredients, whether producing via Reinheitsgebot or not.

    Also, wine has berets, beer has beards. Beards. Beats. Berets.

  2. Outside of the church I went to as a kid I think I’ve only had wine once or twice. One of those times was in high school and involved WAY too much box wine resulting in the highly disturbing red puke…. But after falling in love with beer I’ve been meaning to give it a go again and even have a bottle in the fridge. It’s just there are so many better beers to drink first!

    • Yes, I have the same problem — why drink wine when I have all this beer? Wine and beer are both huge markets locally (wine dominates but beer is quickly catching up) so I have amble social opportunities where wine is the only choice.

      Having a love for beer and all the subtleties that go into it helps you appreciate wine a lot more.

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