6 Beer Blogs to Start Following Right NOW

There are hundreds if not thousands of beer blogs out there with freshly brewed content added daily. Here are six exceptional blogs that I follow and think you should be doing the same. Bookmark these sites right NOW!

1. Hoptripper

Hoptripper is a new blog by Mitch Steele, Brewmaster at Stone Brewing Company. He also wrote the popular book IPA: Brewing Techniques, Recipes and the Evolution of India Pale Ale. His blog will feature stories, both new and old, related to beer, brewing and his travels.

2. Literature & Libation

I believe writer Oliver Gray knows more words than anyone I’ve ever met. He puts them all on the screen with his blog Literature & Libation. As the name implies, he discusses beer through finely-crafted words. Along with reviews of beers, breweries and beer gadgets, Oliver writes short stories based solely on a picture of a beer. He is also finishing up a unique longhand fiction writing contest.

3. Beerbecue

He holds a toddler in one hand and a beer in the other. Follow Beerbecue’s parenting and beer-ventures where he puts a fresh spin on beer reviews, BBQ and beer pairings, and being a father.

4. drink. blog. repeat.

Even though I’m not from or live in South Carolina, I’m an 100% up-to-date on everything beer-related going on in the Palmetto State because of this blog. drink. blog. repeat. is how I found out about Greenville Brew Tours who I will be interviewing for this blog later this month.

5. This Is Why I’m Drunk

I secretly call this man, Bryan Roth, the hardest working man in social media. I enjoy his thoughts on beer, the state of the beer industry and his outlook on life in general which you can feel in the beauty of his pictures.

6. Mould’s Beer Blog

Ryan Mould writes about his beer-ventures in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. I regularly learn more about a beer in his reviews than on a brewery’s website.

So that’s my list. Six beer blogs you should be following right NOW. Who’s on your list?

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