3 Reasons I Love Beer

I love beer. Obviously, that’s why I have an entire blog dedicated to it. I want to share a few of those reasons with you.

1. Beer creates and enhances friendships

What epic story of yours starts with, “Me and my friend were sitting around the water cooler?” None. They start with, “My buddy and I were a six-pack in and…” or “So I was at this jam-packed bar and I spotted the girl of my dreams.”

Beer is an enabler – an enabler for you to do stupid things yes, but sometimes those stupid things result in a badass scar. Or sometimes it enables you to gain that courage to talk to the girl of your dreams which you end up marrying.

I’ve met some pretty cool people over the past seven months since I’ve started this blog and it wouldn’t have been possible without beer. (hey, make sure to follow me on Twitter!)

2. Beer relaxes you

After that long day of work, 2+ hour commute, you come home to dinner and milk. What? No! You come home to a bottle of your favorite Ale, Porter or IPA. Why? Milk doesn’t take your mind off work, the stresses in your life or screaming kids. Beer does though. Side note – don’t take your mind off your screaming kids for too long in case one of them accidently staples the other one’s fingers together.

I’m sure someone has done some scientific research with facts and graphs. I have not had enough coffee to do the research but I know as an undeniable fact that beer relaxes you. Post any links below if you find research.

3. There’s always something new to try and always your favorites to go back to

Everywhere I travel I seek out new beers. It’s thrilling, isn’t it? Maybe you’ll find that diamond in the rough. It’s like when you start listening to that band before they hit it big and none of your friends have heard of them.

Ratebeer Weekly had an article last month called, “The Most Difficult Places to Drink.” Besides places like Equatorial Guinea you can find a new beer just about anywhere. Each time you go back to that place you remember about that amazing local beer you had.

You can always go back to your favorites as well. With a crowd you want to impress? Order up your favorite beer and let them try it and see how wonderful it is. It’s a nice icebreaker when you order that Double Chocolate Stout while everyone else orders up a Bud Light or Blue Moon. There’s also a comfort factor with that. I don’t like every beer I drink but I know if there’s a Duck-Rabbit Milk Stout or a 21st Amendment Bitter American on the menu I’ll be right at home and the whole place could be up in flames or I could be drinking with Satan and I wouldn’t even notice.

So what do you think? What do you love about beer? Share your stories and thoughts below. Here’s to the weekend. Here’s to beer. Cheers!

2 thoughts on “3 Reasons I Love Beer

  1. I think it was Shakespeare who asked: “Doth I drink a beer to relax? Or doth I relax to have a beer?” … or something. Either way, you win.

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