TWIB – Anniversary in Annapolis

This Week in Beer (TWIB) is a feature where I’ll highlight some craft beers I had during this past week mixed with some related (and unrelated) thoughts. Yes, it’s a play on the name of the show This Week in Baseball which I grew up on and loved.

This was a special weekend for me. My wife and I celebrated our first anniversary. We took a trip Annapolis, MD, a place we’ve never been to before.

Fordham Brewing Company

Well I was in charge of planning the trip and right off the bat when we arrived Sunday afternoon I took us to get lunch at a restaurant that doesn’t open until 5:00pm. Nice work. So plan B kicked in and I walked us around until we found the most crowded spot which ended up being Rams Head Tavern.

I ordered the Fordham Brewing Company sampler. It consisted of 6 of their beers:

  • Rams Head IPA
  • Rosie Parks Oyster Stout
  • Copperhead Ale
  • Helles Lager
  • Tavern Ale
  • Wisteria Wheat

The Copperhead Ale was my favorite by far. It was complex and flavorful. However, it was the only one I’ll ever get again besides maybe the Oyster Stout. The rest were average at best.

Boulevard Brewing Company Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale

Even though I struck out with lunch I hit a homerun with dinner. We went out to Severn Inn and feasted on seafood while sitting on the water.

I’ve had Tank 7 before and knew it was a winner. This beer is one of the few Saisons I enjoy. It’s dangerous at 8.5% ABV so I only had one while my wife took down a delicious white wine sangria.

Boulevard is relatively new to being distributed to where I am in Virginia so I’m just beginning to have their beers and hear about the company. From what I’ve seen these guys “get it” and are doing things right. I mentioned them in a post last week Why a Brewery Needs an Online Video Presence.

Last week’s question:

If you could only drink one beer the rest of your life which would it be and why?

Responses included Ithaca Beer’s Apricot Wheat by Bryan at This Is Why I’m Drunk, Troegs Pale Ale by Ryan at Mould’s Beer Blog and Boulevard Brewing Company’s Saison-Brett submitted by Jeremy.

My answer would be of course Duck-Rabbit Milk Stout. There is nothing better — you can drink this during the day or night, inside or outside which leads us to this week’s question.

This week’s question:

What do you enjoy more: Day-drinking or drinking at night? Indoors or outdoors? Leave your responses below!!


I can’t believe I’ve convinced my wife to 1) marry me and 2) stick with me for a year. She’s put up with this blog and my obsession with craft beer and homebrewing. And to make sure she keeps putting up with me I’ll leave it at this so I can go install a new ceiling light…

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