Too many beers, not enough time

Everyone’s worried about the “craft beer bubble.” How can the rate of growth be maintained? Are we going to run out of ingredients? You know the usual concerns. My concern isn’t that it’s growing too big, it’s that it’s growing too fast for me to keep up as an outsider looking in!

Let’s face it, if you’re not on the front lines of the craft beer industry you’re always going to be playing catchup — so and so brewed this, this new place is opened last week, did you go to that beer festival over the weekend? My usual responses are, did they? I have to try it!, yeah I heard that (which I didn’t), and no I missed it this year.

I’m going to focus on Maine as an example. Thanks to Carla at the statistics are readily available.

“The are currently 39 Craft Breweries in ME. There are 18 breweries in planning. 11 breweries have opened since 2011.”

How is a craft beer hobbyist supposed to keep up with that? I’m pretty sure in Northern Virginia alone there are even more than the state of Maine (hint: maybe someone leave a comment with some statistics I’m not going to look up this morning).

Note: You can check out Carla’s post on The State of Maine Craft Beer here.

I’ve been dying to try the Mud Hound Brewing and Lost Rhino collaboration Lager (it’s a honey Vienna-style lager, how good does that sound?!) before it runs out, which it probably has. While trying to taste that Mud Hound also came out with two new coffee stouts! Okay, so now I’m three beers behind. And that’s just one brewery!

If you’re on Twitter give Mud Hound Brewing a follow!

Solution: Still looking for one. I guess for now I’ll get to the beers when I get to them. I know I’ll miss out on a few but that’s life, right? Too many beers, not enough time.

**Take 2**

Solution: Maybe someone can come up with a way to get all the new local beers in the past let’s say a month and package it up to be to be sold/delivered all together. So I don’t have to run to Lost Rhino, Brew Kitchen, The V, etc. to try them all. Yeah, yeah I know most of them aren’t canned but maybe those small screw-top growlers?

What do you think? Is there a way to taste all the new beers out there?

4 thoughts on “Too many beers, not enough time

  1. I totally understand, however I did get to try that honey vienna styler lager and it was so good! But Brad just told me of 2 new breweries opening up soon. I love it!

  2. I’m ALL for supporting a “local case” where all the new brewers mix and mingle to ship out a big box of state-flavor. Let’s see if we can’t get this organized!

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