TWIB – Homebrews, Hefeweizens and Time Travel

This Week in Beer (TWIB) is a feature where I’ll highlight some craft beers I had during this past week mixed with some related (and unrelated) thoughts. Yes, it’s a play on the name of the show This Week in Baseball which I grew up on and loved.

This week in beer was a homebrew and entertainment filled one. Had a friend’s homebrew, tried my newest homebrew for the first time and went to the ballpark.

Boeser Brau’s American Pilsner Homebrew

Even though I’m a homebrewer (yes, a new homebrewer but regardless) I haven’t had many other people’s homebrews outside of my own. He put mine to shame! I absolutely loved everything about this beer. From the golden, yellow color to the crisp Pilsner taste, keep up the great work, Scott!

21st Amendment Bitter American

There’s a new movie theater by me called the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema where they serve you dinner, beer, popcorn, etc. at your seat (pretty cool, right?). So my wife and I went to check it out on Friday and saw Gatsby. We got their carnivore pizza which I’ll rate a 9 out of 10, their chips with queso dip which I’ll give a 6 out of 10 and their popcorn — usual awesome theater popcorn. I also ordered a 21st Amendment Bitter American. I’ve had this before and it’s one of my go-to beers. It’s light, flavorful, low in alcohol at 4.4% and has some badass artwork like all the 21st Amendment cans. The theater itself serves many local beers — Starr Hill, Lost Rhino, Williamsburg Alewerks, DC Brau and more. It also has a bar inside called Glass Half Full Taproom. We poked out heads in and it looks cozy. Full bar with beer reasonably priced.

One more thing! This is in the new One Loudoun development and it looks like a Bar Louie going in soon. I’ve been to the one downtown and I can’t wait for one to be here.

$9.75 for a Blue Moon

Yes I know Blue Moon is not a craft beer. I would like to reiterate how absurd the price of beer at sporting events is. However you probably already know this.

I went to the Nationals game over the weekend and spend $9.75 for a 16oz Blue Moon. At least it was bone-chilling cold (hope you get the sarcasm). Enough said about that… I’m still feeling a bit robbed.

Josh and Ben’s Summer Hefeweizen

Last night I cracked open the Hefeweizen that my friend and now fellow homebrewer Ben and I made. There’s nothing like a fresh homebrew. Locals — let me know if you want to try one. I have about 45 more.

I also wrote a blog post on the making of this homebrew for E.C. Kraus. Still waiting for it to go up. Will link to it when it’s available.

Last week’s question:

Which would you rather fight — one duck that’s the size of 1,000 ducks or 1,000 regular-size ducks?

My feedback had it split right down the middle.

This week’s question:

Would you rather go back in time and meet your ancestors or go into the future and meet your great grandchildren?


Lots of homebrews this week. I see a lot more homebrews in store for this week as well. I have some traveling coming up so stay tuned for beer updates across the US. I’ll ponder over this week’s question and let you know my answer in next week’s TWIB. Leave your responses and thoughts below!

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