April Dirty Thirty Day 15 – Southern Tier 2x Stout

Finally caught up! Tonight’s April Dirty Thirty beer is…

Southern Tier 2x Stout

Southern Tier 2x Stout

Southern Tier 2x Stout

Critical Information:

  • 7.5% ABV
  • Double Milk Stout

My Experience:


Poured from bottle into mug. Opaque, dark brown color with light brown head.


It has a chocolate malt aroma and also gives off some burn from the alcohol.


Rich chocolate, like drinking chocolate milk. It has a heavy, creamy texture that’s punctuated with a bite of the alcohol.


This beer screams dessert. Chocolate cake anyone?


I grabbed this beer off the shelf because I loved Southern Tier’s Creme Brûlée Stout. This one wasn’t a flop but doesn’t compare to it. It’s a hair too thick for me. The flavor is pretty spot on and the 7.5% ABV makes this a decent nightcap.

Score: 6/10

Thank you for being a part of the April Dirty Thirty project. Keep the tweets and comments coming, you’re doing outstanding! Remember to use #AprilDirty30. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this beer, what you had tonight, what you’ve tried recently, anything.

One new beer a night for a month. Review it. Share it. Expand your beer knowledge.

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