April Dirty Thirty Day 2 – Heavy Seas Powder Monkey Pale Ale

We made it to day two. What do we have today…

Heavy Seas Powder Monkey Pale Ale

Heavy Seas Powder Monkey Pale Ale

Heavy Seas Powder Monkey Pale Ale

Critical Information:

  • 4.75% ABV
  • 28.5 IBU
  • Hops: UK Fuggles, Cascade, UK Goldings
  • Malts: 2-row, Munich, Crystal, Caramalt

My Experience:

– Pour

Poured from bottle into mug. Only cooled in fridge for about an hour before serving. Has a reddish-straw color. It is very see-through with minimal carbonation. Most bubbles disappeared in the first couple minutes along with the head.

– Smell

I get some banana cutting through the rich hoppy-malt aroma.

– Taste

Starts soft on the palate then hits you with the hops and finishes with the malt. Randy Mosher says that when you taste and smell a beer that you should correlate it with past memories so you can more easily remember the flavors. I’m not sure why but it brings me back to one of the first times I began to enjoy craft beer (yeah, I’m about to go way off topic here). It was about four years ago in Wilmington, NC. Wilmington is one of my favorite places on Earth. The city has the most bars per capita in North Carolina. Anyway, there’s this little dive bar off the main drag. You walk in and it’s dark, playing some sort of awesome alt rock you’ve never heard with some bar flies hanging around the bar and pool table. They also do beer to go. I figured okay, I’m on vacation, I’ll try some new beers. The bartender hands me a book that rivals the size of most crime novels. I flip through a few pages and tell the bartender, “I like Yuengling. You have anything like that?” He laughs, pours me a beer, fills up a six-pack, I pay him and tells me that my life is about to change. Anyway, for some reason the taste of this beer made me think of that.

– Mouthfeel

Light, crisp and easy to drink.

– Food Pairing

I’m feeling some spiced, grilled chicken would go well with Powder Monkey. A hard asiago or cheddar would work nicely too.

– Overall thoughts

Pleasantly surprised. I randomly grabbed this one off the shelf at my local Total Wine. I figured it be an average pale ale and I’d probably never drink it again. I’m glad I was wrong. This beer is on my short-list of pale ales to order going forward. I even think a lot of non-hop lovers will enjoy this beer even though it is mildly hoppy. You only get the hops for a brief moment until it is replaced by the maltiness. It may be a good segue for somebody, yes ladies I’m talking to you, who is afraid of branching out from Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy.

Score: 7/10

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