Short Notes: Tasting Beer Chapter One

Open book with hand

Definitely not my hand

Here are the main points I took from Chapter One of Randy Mosher’s Tasting Beer: An Insider’s Guide to the World’s Greatest Drink.

Chapter One – The Story of Beer

  • Beer was essential for survival because it was a cheap source of drinkable water
  • Nomadic people in the Middle East started growing barley about 10000 BCE
  • Beer was well established by 3000 BCE
  • Sumerians and Egyptians really enjoyed beer
  • Around 1000 CE hopped beers were founded in Germany
  • Hopped beers caught on because they allowed beers to stay fresher longer
  • By 1600 all English beers had some level of hops
  • Popularity of porters and pale ales grew in Britain
  • Pilsners were invented in Germany in 1842
  • Belgian beers use a lot of spices and herbs because they weren’t bound to purity laws like German beers
  • Beer wasn’t that successful in North America after the Europeans started to settle because the climate couldn’t easily grow ingredients
  • Spirits became very popular in the United States
  • Prohibition and the soda industry hurt the beer industry in the US
  • Michael Jackson publish the World Beer Guide in 1977
  • Homebrewing began to pick up popularity and the craft beer revolution had started to gain momentum by the early 1990s

Give this book a read and support the author. There’s a lot I left out. Be on the lookout for chapter two coming soon!

Are there any good beer books you’ve read recently?


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